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Hi, my name is Celina Pizarro, CHLC, CMBF, FNC, RHIA and Pro Coach and owner of CP FITPro–but most of this wasn’t the case just 6 years ago.  
It was during the holidays of 2012, my daughter and I found ourselves homeless, that is we were without a home, living out of my car, staying with friends and in long-stay hotels. As if things couldn’t get worse, right before New Years my then 6 yo daughter fell on a friend’s trampoline and fractured her leg leaving her in a full leg cast–worst day ever! Needless to say it was a struggle, no crutches as she was too young so lugging a wheelchair, her and our belongings around was no vacation. I tried to carry on normal life, I continued in my position of Systems Director at a large private behavioral healthcare facility. It was during this time that my weight increased pretty dramatically. With the stress of it all – eating out and eating inconsistent meals at our friends’ houses, my anxiety skyrocketed and I was a mess! I thought I knew how to eat well but I was consuming 1200 calories of crap a day and had low self-esteem, though I hid that well. Looking back, I felt and looked like crap! 
At the end of February 2013 things started to turn around. Finally we were able to close on the house we wanted and I met my soulmate and future husband-amazing! That summer after we moved into our home we had an engagement party. Friends I hadn’t seen in years came and it was great, until I got a kick in the ass from one girlfriend. I had not seen her in years and she said very bluntly “girlfriend you got fat, you need to workout with me.” With my soon to be husband’s nodding encouragement and some cold hard truth bombs, that was enough for me. I weighed 168 lbs, and was a size 12. Physically and mentally I was the worst I’ve ever been, even though I had worked in healthcare 15 years and was active – exercised and did Zumba 3-4 days a week.
My husband is truly the support and inspiration I had needed to get out of the hole I’d fallen into and bring put the humbleness and graciousness within me. I had finally received the emotional loving support I had lacked for so long and truly needed to make some real changes in my life. And so, my kickass girlfriend, Jill and I started working out in my garage. Now she looked great, total transformation from when I had seen her last- she was strong, curvy and muscular. When you begin any new exercise or wellness program you normally set a goal. So I asked her, well what are you doing Jill? She said she was training to compete in the Figure Division of a NPC bodybuilding competition so I decided I wanted do that too. That became my mission, my mountain to climb, a lofty goal. We lifted weights and did HIIT routines 5- 6 days a week. I learned a lot about my current state of nutrition, and how I was actually nutrient deficient. I worked with a peer of mine, a Nutritionist, and relearned what nutrition is and how important food is. By my birthday in April of 2014, I had lost 26 lbs but was skinny, not stage ready.

After 15 years in Behavioral Health Care compliance and HIT systems administration, Celina had a first hand look the faults and misconceptions of the healthcare industry. Unhappy, overweight and on Rx meds working alongside psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists and therapists. She physically and mentally hit rock bottom in 2012 a life threatening allergic reaction forced her to make some serious changes. She embarked on a greens detox and hacked my habits to begin her personal Journey to Wellness. Celina went on to compete in Masters NPC Figure Body Builder circuit for 3 years, winning 2 national placements. After she started coaching coworkers and family members she soon became certified in Holistic Life, Mind Body, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Motivation Mindset Mentor and has recently been honored with a Doctorates from T.I.U. In addition, she led group fitness, Zumba and kickboxing boot-camp classes. She is also, self proclaimed foodie, Yogi, herbie, momma and wife, a lover of Kombucha and dark chocolate.
Celina has dedicated her life to helping all women stay out of the hospital and off medications. In her one on one coaching programs she helps women breakthrough their internal blocks, and prescribes them the hack to effortless healthy and happy habits to create the body and life they deserve. They experience weight loss, extreme decrease in stress & anxiety; increased ENERGY and VITALITY. Ladies leave with the tools and FREEDOM to create the life they deserve where ultimately they GLOW from the inside, out!
She is passionate about coaching women all over the world who overwhelmed and overweight. If you ready to say Yes to You and are ready to be transformed, book a complimentary 1:1 coaching call with her:
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