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Bobbi’s at Parkside

Sometimes, our dreams really do come true despite our best efforts to venture down a different path.  Even then we discover that most paths lead to the same destination, even that road less traveled.  From rural South Dakota to Miami and many destinations in between, I have landed at the doorstep of Bobbi’s at Parkside.  Who knew? When I say “landed” that’s really pretty appropriate and part of my lingo. I have traveled the world as a flight attendant for…let’s just say, a number of years! What an adventure and an education.

There are a couple of things that flight attendants always know when on a layover –  that is, where to eat and where to shop!  My fascination began with the pearl markets in Beijing and Shanghai. For the past 20 years, I have been perusing the markets for the best the artisans have to offer and getting to do many of my own designs.

Our brick-and-mortar adventure began 5 years ago and has evolved into our present day location at the Parkside Place in beautiful Historic Cocoa Village on the water. After the jewelry came, the clothes and accessories, we now have a full up boutique with the very latest in fashion trends at the very best prices.

The journey continues! Join me!