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5th Annual Emotional Intelligence Please join us Dr. Wanda Bonet Gascot’s Life Institute 5th EIS Emotional Intelligence Symposium Opening Ceremony at the Merritt Square Mall. We are Selobrating 4th Annual State Small Business Expo 2019 together. Last year We lined up amazing 12 Amazing Speakers, couches for you. This year we are even expecting more. For business professions Send your request with your topic. This event open to public Attend FREE to All classes and earn your CE’s too.

Educators and Classes

11:00 Saturday
4th Emotional Intelligence Symposium Opening Ceremony

11:30 Saturday

12:00 Saturday

12:30 Saturday

1:00 Saturday

1:30 Saturday

2:00 Saturday

2:30 Saturday

3:00 Saturday

3:30 Saturday

4:00 Saturday

4:15 Saturday

5:00 Saturday

1:00 Sunday

1:45 Sunday

2:15 Sunday

2:45 Sunday

3:15 Sunday

3:45 Sunday

4:15 Sunday